my blog

ok so peoples this is my blog, as you may have figured out,(and if not you suck) so heres how this is gonna work, im gonna update this every day adding stuff at the beginning(oh and also please dont judge my grammar or punctuatiation)

hey guess what people of earth today my topic is fun things to ask siri and heres the best of my research:

  1. what is 0 divided by 0
  2. what is the best phone
  3. guess what
  4. mirror on the wall whose those the fairest of them all
  5. testing
  6. blah blah blah blah
  7. wow
  8. can i borrow some money
  9. shut up
  10. where did i leave my keys
  11. roll a die
  12. tell me a joke
  13. sing to me
  14. your a loser
  15. is santa real
  16. This is my dog Ollie as a puppy, and now. My biggest pet peeve is when she whines at my bed so i will pick her up.

    Have you ever had had a chance to make your dream class well, i did it, would be a napping class, I think it is self explanatory. Also you would be able to use your phone (my most treasured posession) as much as you want.

    What would you do with a million dollars, Im not sure what I would do but, I know I wouldnt give it away.